24 APR 17 Quarters

JULY 1st -7th EXODUS  Leave granted on discretionary basis ** 10%-15% or duty sections only** UPDATE: Denim Day: April 26, 2017 SAPR Awareness Day @DINFOS  Denim must be in civilian standard dress code Civies chit waiver for participation in Denim Day ONLY For more information visit: http://www.denimdayinfo.org NSU inspection April 26, 2017 before "Fancy Friday" … Continue reading 24 APR 17 Quarters


14 MAR 17 Quarters

6 AA Recent Words COLORS coming soon, volunteers needed see SN King APPALACHIAN COMSERV HIKE April 1 or 2, sign up sheet will be in “A” school day room see SN Miller ORMs required for any activity outside the detachment GMT Tuesday, Mar. 14, at 1630 in grad. room at school BOARDS Thursday, Mar. 16 N-FAAS – […]