29 AA

Recent Words

    • SUPER BOWL PARTY – Sunday in the “A” School Day Room around game time.
    • DUTY COMSERV – Sailors on duty will not be able to participate in COMSERV events being held at that time.
  • BOARDS – Coming
    • 3 APO, 2 SL, and CSADD President will be open as 070-16 prepares for Sea Trials.


  • MOOW TEST – Tomorrow, Feb. 3, during lunch.
    • GMT is scheduled for after quarters every Wednesday until 1730.
      • Open forum Q&A will be a future GMT
    • “Anchors Away” (all verses) will now be sung at the end of every afternoon quarters and during marching.
    • MTI OFFICE NOTE There will be an updated copy of the NMT packet handed out to be signed and returned. Standby.
    • Wash Your Hands
    • TAXES
      • W-2 and 1095-C are on MyPay
      • Fort Meade tax assistance is available (ask an MTI)

Open Items

  • UNIFORM – It is an honor to wear the uniform. The work into preparing the NSUs paid off for our appearence during Fancy Friday this month.
  • NAVY CORE VALUES AWARD – It benefits the Navy to recognize those who perform with excellence. Section submissions will be requested soon.
    • No need to be scared. It’s a sign of respect from both positions.
  • screen-shot-2011-01-01-at-11-07-38-am MAIL
    • No mail was picked up today.
    • Check the board.
    • Do not have overdue books. Correct the error with all expediency.
  • SECRETARIAL POOL – Any 020-17 or other Sailors interested in the CSADD Secretary position can start training now. See SA Previc
  • COMSERV/CSADD SIGN-UPS – If you put your name down, you attendance is mandatory.
  • POOW/MOOW SIGN-UPS – Make appointments and keep them.
    • “I’m Going to Work Out Club” being started by SN Castillo. Standby for details.
  • 070-16 – Eval, Brag Sheet, COMSERV Hours – Process Starts Now.
    • SEABAG INSPECTION – A list will be provided
    • SURPRISE PRT – Coming soon. Get to the gym and prepare.
    • DRESS WHITES – Stand by.
    • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Are continuous. Fire safety and hygiene is always a priority.