7 AA

Recent Words

    • WEIGH-INs are coming over the next 2 to 3 weeks
      • If you exceed the limit, you will be taped.
        • If you fail the taping, you will be put on FEP
      • If you are seeking nutrition information, speak with SWO.
    • FEP – New Sailors, 0450 muster on Tuesday morning.
    • “I’m Going to Work Out Club” being started by SN Castillo. Standby for details.
    • SOCCER – Thursdays via SN Isaacs. Sometimes FEP. Always FUN! All welcome.
  • COLD and FLU (and other things that go “cough” in the night)
    • DOOR KNOB CLEAN – All duty sections will BLEACH doorknobs during sweep and swabs.
    • NWUs  Be on point every day.
      • 20 Sailors standing re-inspect today — This number must decrease.
      • PARKA TABS – Are being aquired by SN Sarmiento. 030-17, pay her.
      • Tuesday, Jan. 24 – SWO Inspection, after Evening Quarters (1700)
      • Wednesday, Jan. 25 – MTI Inspection, after Evening Quarters (1700)
      • Saturday, Jan. 28 – MTI Inspection
      • Those signed up for COMSERV will stand a make-up inspection TBA
      • Opening and closing ranks will be called.
    • SEABAG INSPECTION – A list will be provided
    • SURPRISE PRT – Coming soon. Get to the gym and prepare.
    • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Are continuous. Fire safety and hygiene is always a priority.
  • COMSERV/CSADD SIGN-UPS – If you put your name down, you attendance is mandatory.
  • POOW/MOOW SIGN-UPS – Make appointments and keep them.


    • POLITICAL VIEWS are not to be shared on social media networks.
    • Keep you military bearing at all times.
    • W-2 and 1095-C are on MyPay
    • Fort Meade tax assistance is available (ask an MTI)
  • GMT is scheduled for after quarters every Wednesday until 1730.
    • Submit GMT topic requests to Section Leaders and submit to LPO by Tuesday
      • What do you want to learn to become a better Sailor?
  • “Anchors Away” (all verses) will now be sung at the end of every afternoon quarters and during marching.

Open Items

  • Neckerchief Rolling with Chief – Penciled in for Thursday, Jan. 26.
    • Irons, Ironing Boards, Black Tape
  • SECRETARIAL POOL – Any 020-17 or other Sailors interested in the CSADD Secretary position can start training now. See SA Previc
  • COLORS WATCH BILL – In process.
  • 070-16 – Eval, Brag Sheet, COMSERV Hours – Process Starts Now.


  • See last meeting notes.
    • Sunday at 1400 with SN Tanaka.
  • Per SR Zuercher, Magic the Gathering Club to be started.