WEEKEND BASE CLEAN-UPS will be reignited this weekend. A champion for each section will schedule the event. For inclement weather, a weekly alternative is being sought. If you have any on-base ideas, please feel free to share.

HONOR SALUTES are being prepared for. Standby.

Feel Good Friday

Spots and pizza. RSVP through section leaders.

Ping Pong Tournament

Sunday, Jan. 22. $5 per competitor. SN De La Garza is championing this fundraiser/event.


Mondays, Conference Room, 1930, hot tea offered.

“Dreams” was the last topic, “Happiness” is the next.

Check out the Google Space

S’mores Night

Sunday, Jan. 29. All tack seventeen classes (010 to 030) are to attend for at least an hour. SN Romero is championing.


SPCA was rescheduled due to an animal quarantine.
The new date will be Feb. 5.

Valentine’s Ball

Discussion regarding a Feb. 11 Valentine’s Ball was started. SN De La Garza is championing.


Scheduled for Jan. 28.
CSADD will cover 10-15 people, counts for FEP
Sign up by the large CSADD board