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Recent Words

  • FEMALE RATING BADGE ORDER – Order will be placed soon for dress white shirt under dress blues jacket.
  • NWU SIDE POCKETS – Are secured. Keep no items in your side pockets.
  • PT UNIFORM AT DFAC – Only obtained carry out items. Do not sit at the DFAC in PT uniform.
  • EARLY SCHOOL REPORT PROCEDURE – Inform your section leader the night before.
  •  SPOTS NIGHT – Part of Feel Good Friday
    • There will be a Best Actor Award
    • ⇒ RSVP to Section Leaders for Pizza Count

  • 070-16 – Meeting tomorrow after quarters.
  • Neckerchief Rolling with Chief – Penciled in for Thursday, Jan. 26.
  • SECRETARIAL POOL – Any 020-17 or other Sailors interested in the CSADD Secretary position can start training now. See SA Previc
  • COLORS WATCH BILL – Posted. Begins Monday, Feb. 23
  • 030-17 – 21 Sailors arrive this Saturday.
    • SPONSOR MEETING – Thursday after quarters.
    • SECTION LEADER QUALS – 020-17 is encourage to complete quals.


  • GMT is scheduled for after quarters every Wednesday until 1730.
  • “Anchors Away” (all verses) will now be sung at the end of every afternoon quarters and during marching.

Open Items

  • FUN FACT PO – Coming
    • Three facts will be presented, only one will be true.
    • FULL DRESS BLUES INSPECTIONS – After Saturday, Jan. 21
    • SEABAG INSPECTION – A list will be provided
    • SURPRISE PRT – Coming soon. Get to the gym and prepare.
    • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Are continuous. Fire safety and hygiene is always a priority.