17 AA

Recent Words

  • PT WITH SIR TOMORROW – Normal schedule for “A” School
    • “C” School students will muster for PT as well tomorrow.
    • Normal “C” School PT will be on Wednesday.
  • SPOTS NIGHT – Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 16.
    • There will be a Best Actor Award.
    • Pizza for everyone.
  • WEBSITE GMT – This is the det website. An introduction to the site will be held soon.
  • SECTION LEADER QUALS – Start working on them.


  • DUTY VAN – Take toll roads at your own risk.
    • Any Sailor driving the duty van who takes a toll road is responsible for the cost.
    • There is no need to take toll roads locally.
    • Route to Bethesda: I-295 to I-495
    • Most GPS applications and devices have an “avoid tolls” option in the settings.
  • PT – It is observed that not everyone in the det would pass their first PRTs in the fleet, meaning they would be out of the Navy within a year. Physical fitness is a part of the Sailor life. Make it part of every day.

Open Items

  • CADENCE – Start working a cadence you could lead.
  • HYDRATION THROUGH WINTER – Stay healthy. Urine should remain clear.
  • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Are continuous. Fire safety and hygiene is always a priority.
  • FULL DRESS BLUES INSPECTIONS – Before Saturday, January 21
  • Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • There will be holiday routine in observance of this memorial.
  • 030-17 – 24 new Sailors are joining the detachment Saturday, January 21.