• NWU SIDE POCKETS – Are secured. Keep no items in your side pockets.
  • PT UNIFORM AT DFAC – Only obtained carry out items. Do not sit at the DFAC in PT uniform.
  • WINTER GEAR – All winter gear must be on every student for the season.
    • Failure to have a winter gear article when called for use at a muster will result in a counseling and extra-duty, as per SWO.
  • Have all winter items at all times.
  • WATCH CAP – Pull over the head, flush. Fold up to top of the ears. Fold back down again.
    • Only wear with the parka.
    • UNIFORM EARMUFFS are authorized.
  • GLOVES – Only worn with the parka liner or parka.
  • EIGHT-POINT – Worn around the crown of the head.
    • Wash in hot water and dry upside down. No need for plastic spacers.
  • NO STARCH – It glows in an thermal imaging camera. Not authorized in the field.
  • BOOTS – Polish the whole boot.
    • BLOUSING STRAPS – Standby.

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