Roller Skating Party

There was discussion of a roller skating party to be held the evening of January 28th. The deadline will be January 25th. CSADD will cover the first 25 to sign up. The intent is to encourage as many of the new Sailors to participate as possible.

Feel Good Friday

Soup and games this weekend. SA Previc took out the karaoke machine and is assembling the last parts necessary to include it into the Feel Good Friday experience.

Ping Pong Tournament

SN De La Garza is championing this fundraiser/event.

S’mores Night

Sunday, Jan. 22nd. All tack seventeen classes (010 to 030) are to attend for at least an hour. SN Romero is championing.

Valentine’s Ball

Discussion regarding a Feb. 11 Valentine’s Ball was started. SN De La Garza is championing.