10 JAN 2017 : 35 AA

Recent Words

  • SCHOOL HOUR SHIFT – Due to instructor needs, the school day will shift one hour, 0700-1300.
    • NO PT Wednesday Morning – Quarters is at 0630.
    • STANDBY FOR PT AFTER CLASS – 1600-1700
  • CLOTHES IN DRYER – Maintain positive control of your possessions. Remove all articles in the dryer by morning.
  • UNIFORM CLARIFICATION – Make sure you are wearing uniform items properly.
    • Have all winter items at all times.
    • WATCH CAP – Pull over the head, flush. Fold up to top of the ears. Fold back down again.
      • Only wear with the parka.
      • UNIFORM EARMUFFS are authorized.
    • GLOVES – Only worn with the parka liner or parka.
    • EIGHT-POINT – Worn around the crown of the head.
      • Wash in hot water and dry upside down. No need for plastic spacers.
    • NO STARCH – It glows in an thermal imaging camera. Not authorized in the field.
    • BOOTS – Polish the whole boot.
      • BLOUSING STRAPS – Standby.

Open Items

  • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Are continuous. Fire safety and hygenie is always a priority.
  • FULL DRESS BLUES INSPECTIONS – Before Saturday, January 21
  • Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • There will be holiday routine in observance of this memorial.
  • 030-17 – 24 new Sailors are joining the detachment Saturday, January 21.


  • No Shave Mo’vember money is due to Treasurer, SN Romero.
  • Wreaths Across America Clean-up
  • Sign-up for color detail is in the “A” School Day Room by the CSADD calendar board.