09 JAN 2017 : 3 AA

Winter Items Inspection TUESDAY (tomorrow at morning quarters)

  1. Gloves
  2. Watch cap
  3. Mock turtle neck
  4. Parka
  5. Liner with tab

Recent Words

  • ROOM INSPECTIONS – Coming this week. Clear the tops of lockers — it is a fire hazard.
    • FIRE CHIEF – Many elements of a room inspection are for the health and safety of all Sailors at the detachment:
      • Posters and door decorations are a hazard, clear them off.
      • Clutter is a hazard.
      • Following room inspection checklist to make the det a safer place.
  • SEA TRIALS – Computer ettiquete is essential. Ask and share.
  • VIDEO SPOTS – 060 and 070 will both have spots to shoot this week.
    • It’s good luck earned, 010 and 020, to help your fellow shipmates out.
  • LLD CHITS – If you have have an LLD chit:
    1. SWO needs to review it, ASAP.
    2. You need to carry it on you at all times.
    3. You need to follow the prescription to the letter.
  • DRESS INSPECTIONS – Every day. The school house is observing a lack of attention to detail. Correct that impression.
    • Follow all lawful orders.
    • Shave for PT, hair respectable.
    • Knock the dust of boots (i.e., shine), press collars.
    • Do the little things well to be the best Sailor you can be.
    • Get to standard.
  • FULL DRESS BLUES INSPECTIONS – Before Saturday, January 21

Open Items

  • Monday, January 16 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    • There will be holiday routine in observance of this memorial.
    • SN Smith welcomes swimmers of all skill set to the the Gaffney pool on Saturday at 0900
    • It is very helpful if you are not a strong swimmer.
    • MC1 Siren will be there to help Sailors looking at air school.
  • 030-17 – 24 new Sailors are joining the detachment Saturday, January 21.


  • Philosophy Club at 1900 in the Conference Room.
    • This will be club founder, SN Speciale’s last meeting.
    • Stop by.
  • No Shave Mo’vember money is due to Treasurer, SN Romero.
  • Wing Eating Contest Winners! — Soto, Lehman, Chatman!
  • Wreaths Across America Clean-up added to calender, Jan. 28, 0800
    • Deadline will be Jan. 25.
    • If you sign up, you must attend.