Wreaths Across America Clean-up – Championed by COMSERV Reps

Boys and Girls Club

  • Via MC2 Jones, there is a freeze on volunteers at the Annapolis club
  • SN King to champion outreach to Fort Meade Club

Navy/Marine Corps Ball – Feb. 4 – Championed by SN Chatman

  • Champion will see if there is a service opportunity with this event.
  • If not, will be brought up as CSADD Event possibility.

CSADD Events

030-17 S’mores Night – Welcome to the Det!

  • Word is that all 24 will be coming at once during the month of January.

Feel Good Friday

  • Enchiladas this Friday!
  • Karaoke an intended addition – Championed by SA Previc

Ideas On the Table

  • Weekend Hike/Clean-up, Championed by SN De La Garza
  • Service Auction, possibly in early February
  • Ping Pong Tournament
  • Bowling Tournament/Night
  • Wing Eating Contest -> Price shopping for wings (Commissary v. Costco)
  • Raffle

Next Meeting

Monday, Feb. 9 – After Quarters


MC2 Jones – Sponsor

  1. Pennington – President
  2. De La Garza – Veep
  3. Romero – Treasurer
  4. Previc – Secretary
  5. King – COMSERV Rep
  6. Tanaka – COMSERV Rep
  7. Castillo – Events Coordinator
  8. Triplett – Events Coordinator
  9. Sens
  10. Nall
  11. Stoner
  12. Lehman
  13. Okafor
  14. Innocenti
  15. Chatman

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