You almost certainly have this type of communication tool in your super-phone: the giant-group-chat.

There are many positive things to be said about the giant-group-chat, but the benefits often come with some pretty glaring negatives.

Is there really time to hear what everyone has to say?  That’s the question.

The opposite of that open, free flow of updates and babble is a deliberate system of communication, where a set of rules govern who can say what, when, and in what manner.

Ideally, quarters is such a system.  Section leaders send out a call for attendance, collect the answers to that call, then those numbers are passed up the chain of command.  Important notices are spoken by one source and received by all the rest — facts are checked in advance, comments are delayed until a more apporpriate setting.  When everyone complies with the traffic pattern of communication, wrecks are avoided.

In the digital world, there is no choice but to follow the rules of the system.  In the giant-group-chat, the system is for all to hear all without restriction — a giant ocean of conversation.  This site and its component attachments are more like a river, moving from one source to another and breaking into little tributaries along the way.

The goal is for you to hear only the most importat things in a descending order of opt-in operations.  Not ready for COMSERV?  Then don’t opt-in.  Only want to do Honor Flights and Honor Salute?  Then just subscribe to that calendar and enter that space.

Along with the control offered in receiving information, that balance is extended to sending information as well.  Fill out the comment box on the welcome page or the tip box in a post, and it will be heard at the appropriate junction for COMSERV and CSADD — deliberation and response will follow.

And if you don’t feel like your voice is being heard?

There is always the giant-group-chat.

Whatever works.


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