22 June 17 Quarters

All Present Section Leader & SWO PQS due to Mothershead 10 July; Boards 12 July !CHECK MAIL DAILY! Lets welcome 060-17 23 June: Feel Good Friday (S'mores & Jurassic World) 24 June: Battle of Antietam Live Fire 30 June: Fancy Friday 30 June: Feel Good Friday 01 July: Beach Cleanup EXODUS STARTS 30 JUNE - … Continue reading 22 June 17 Quarters



09 June: Feel Good Friday (Pancakes & Prince) 10 June: Horses for Heroes 11 June: Beach Clean up 16 June: Feel Good Friday (Spaghetti & Lady and the Tramp) 17 June: Honor Salute @ 1300 & 1400 18 June: Navy vs. Air Force Volleyball/BBQ 24 June: Battle of Antietam Live Fire NYC Trip in July

02 May 17 Quarters

14 AA Recent Words GMT – HONOR SALUTE packets are available Hospice of Chesapeake Website POOW AND MOOW turn in signed copies to section leaders ASAP MTI FINANCIAL SPECIALIST – schedule appointment with MC2 Lopez if you need assistance NOTES GMT is scheduled for after quarters every Wednesday until 1730. Open forum Q&A will be a future GMT TAXES […]